Sitemap Of Jimmies Creations

To assist you in navigating my site, I have provided the following map.

  • Home
    Machine knit clothing and gifts for family and home. Custom knits areavailable. Most items are easy care, and all are hand-finished for years of use.
  • Hats
    Hats and more hats for every member of the family including stocking caps.
    • Slouch Caps
      Shows two different styles of caps that are just a wee bit longer than regular caps to give that slouchie look that is so popular at the moment.
    • Three Styls of Stocking Cap
      Three different styles of Stocking Cap knit with an acrylic yarn. The yarn makes this cap just a little softer than the other stocking caps that I have seen.
  • Household Items
    Items for the household ranging from tote or shopping bags, dish cloths.
    • Tote Bags
      Tote or shopping bags knitted in three different styles and styled after the French Market Shopping bags.
    • Dish Cloths
      Sturdy and decorative knitted dish cloths with a waffle design to hold more water and provide texture for those light scrubbing jobs.
  • Ordering
    Information on the various ways to place and order with Jimmie's Creations.
  • Returns
    Socks the return and refund policy of Jimmie's Creations.
  • Links To Other Sites
    Links to various websites with various information.
  • Contact Jimmie's Creations
    You may contact Jimmie's Creations with this link for any information that you might desire.